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Nemesis One is The World’s First High-Speed, Hydrofoil Luxury Catamaran

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Nemesis Yachts aims to create a completely new breed of sailing superyachts, combining high performance, zero emission cruising, with luxurious and modern interiors, and fighter jet style “fly-by-wire” autonomous controls. That’s how the Nemesis One was born, the world’s first ultra fast, autonomous, fully modular, hydrofoil luxury catamaran.

That’s an impressive claim, but Nemesis Yachts announced their 223-foot hydrofoil concept yacht will be able to reach incredible top speeds of over 50 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots. If they manage to reach those figures, this vessel would be the fastest luxury hydrofoil luxury yacht in the world, while being completely emission-free.

Powered by autonomous sails, the Nemesis One was designed to travel at tremendous velocity and provide the same comforts as a luxury superyacht. The vessel features state of the art hydraulic and electrical controls that have been integrated right into its design, in an effort to minimize crew requirements and achieve a stunning minimalist look.

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This futuristic vessel uses AYRO’s patented ‘Oceanwings’ sails, which adjust their angle of attack, camber and twist to eliminate the need for manual trimming as well. Combined with VPLP Design’s amazing multihull, this wing sail is both automatically reefable and furlable and it’s apparently 2.6 times more efficient than a conventional sail plan of equal size. 

As mentioned earlier, the Nemesis One is a zero-emission vessel, even when the wind is not blowing in its innovative sails. This concept is also powered by a retractable hydrogen-electric propulsion setup that uses hydrogen fuel and electric power coming from 750-square meters of solar panels that recharge the yacht’s batteries.

Nemesis Yachts will also equip this vessel with the latest generation of LiDar sensors, that precisely capture the yacht’s surroundings – they can even “see” the wave height, shape and frequency. This information will be turned into pinpoint control commands for the yacht’s automatic hydrofoils and rudders that will ensure maximum performance, stability and safety for this vessel.

On board, Nemesis One will feature two port and starboard living modules that can be easily customizable and removed to allow this yacht to go from a charter setup to an ultra light racing configuration. 

Nemesis One — World’s Fastest Luxury Hydrofoil Superyacht

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