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Nedship unveils the 39 metre 650 Quadro Yacht

By Adrian Prisca


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The yacht industry is growing with each day that goes by. Another inclusion onto this market is the Nedship 650 Quadro, a 39 meter vessel that was designed by Nedship in collaboration with owners and crew.  One of the main aspects the manufacturers have focused on is weight.

This 650 sq meter yacht will be made of carbon-reinforced glass-epoxy composite or, even better, carbon-epoxy composite. This, along with a considerable engine, may lay an economic fog over the boat, not affecting the overall performance. The four decks will be unusually distributed around the yacht.

The lower deck will host the service and complete crew, easing their access around the yacht (galley, garage, laundry and engine-room) and giving them more space. Just like on big old yachts, the captain will sit next to the pilot’s cabin. The main spot where guests will spend their time is the main deck, where the level of noise is much lower.

Depending on the owner’s wish, the deck may have up to 5 cabins, with the probability of setting a master deck suite on the upper deck, along with a sun-bathing deck for the owner and either a Gym or Cinema on the main deck. The main deck salon will present itself with some extensions under the shape of 1 or 2 balconies, for a more aerated atmosphere.

The lower deck is the home of a full-beam garage with side-openings, long tenders and many other machines. There are a few ideas about how this wonder of the seas will travel, like twin 1,920 MTUs with standard shafts or up to 3 2,600 MTU with KaMeWa jet drive. There’s also a range extender in plan that should go to 3000nm at the cruising speed of 11 knots on one tank-full.

It will be built on specifications, lasting an approximately 18 to 24 months, with costs that may easily pass the staggering number of €9,8 million.


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