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Konstantin Chaykin ‘Lunokhod’ watch with moon tracker

By Adrian Prisca


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Konstantin Chaykin, renowned watch and gadget designer, started using his knowledge about the movement of the moon and the phenomena related to it, to create a watch that reflects the movement of the moon; a mysterious device, the Lunokhod (New Moon), shows the real successive positioning of the respective celestial body.

Among other precious details, the moon was transfigured on the watch by a natural pearl, which resembles all the shapes the moon takes during the day- or nighttime. Worked in extremely high details, the materials the Lunokhod are hard to obtain. Based on high-tech parts to make it work, the watch is both exquisite and delicate.

Excessively detailed, carefully watched in every point, the chassis is built with 18 k yellow gold. The watch also comprises a very rare species of pearl that can barely be found world-wide, plus an exposed skeleton-like dial that displays the activity of the Moon.
On top of the “Moon”, there’s a similar sphere that detects the real Moon’s activity on its dark side.

The complete journey of the simulators lasts 29 days, 15 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds. The hours are indicated on a semi-circular golden path that holds the hours and minutes, these being engraved on it.

The price of this timepiece is yet unknown, but it’ll probably require some saved cash. This limited edition watch will only be produced in 8 pieces only. There also aren’t strappings included, which would be probably black anyways.


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