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My Lady Dior Could be Your Very Own Customizable Bag

By Victor Baker


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My Lady Dior

Lady Dior has been a classic quilted wonder for many years, but now the French luxury brand is going for a new and possibly expected move. This gorgeous bag just became even more appealing as Dior has introduced a concept which allows every single fashionista to personalize their favorite accessory according to their own taste and preferences.

That’s how the customizable My Lady Dior has been born, a first from the French Maison, with familiar Dior features keeping older fans close. The new 20 cm version of the Lady Dior comes in a wide range of shades, with an adjustable strap showing off three of Dior’s enamel Lucky Badges. There are 41 different badges from which you can choose, inspired by Christian Dior’s lucky charms, that can be easily clipped on your strap.

My Lady Dior

This feels like a retro-inspired move, with Dior probably thinking about those high school days long gone when pinning patches and badges to our backpacks was the height of personal style and bold statements. But some people might see a couple of downsides to this idea – as picking and choosing your own layout and patterns might result in damaging the company’s reputation.

Also, is pre-determining where the badges will go a good idea? That seems like a mood-killer to us, although the color selection for this new My Lady Dior collection works hard on keeping your spirits high. Any thoughts?

My Lady Dior

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