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Most Expensive LEGO Sculpture: Love to the Rescue

By Adrian Prisca


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This work-of-art symbolizes the effort that has been put into helping the survivors of the recent Tsunami in Japan. The crystallized Lego “sculpture” Love to the Rescue was created by Artist Cimon, and it’s valued at $40,000.

Extremely detailed, showing even the supplies, and covered in Swarovski crystal blocks, every little aspect of the “Love to the Rescue” is finely adjusted. The purpose for using so many colors into one sculpture is mainly color-therapy. Red hearts are scattered all over it, suggesting that love and compassion will ever be a part of the human soul.

It will hopefully be sold at the Gabrielle Angel Foundation annual ball, at the auction. The foundation helped the residents a lot. Though the estimations were set at about $40,000, the income is expected to bring more than that. It comes with its original casing as well.


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