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MOOV Represents Mark Cuban’s Vision On The Hoverboard


Hoverboards have gained a pretty bad reputation in these last couple of years due to sudden auto-combustion issues, with various cases of these gadgets exploding and even causing injury. But tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks-owner Mark Cuban has decided to rewrite this particular chapter in history with a hoverboard that’s built from the ground up, and it’s meant to be affordable and of high quality.

Called MOOV, this innovative hoverboard rides lower to provide optimum control and stability, while its shock-absorbant wheels will prove to be suitable for both street and indoor surfaces. Inspired by the skate and snowboard culture, MOOV can be even customized to suit the unique style of the rider, with the board’s die-cast aluminium chassis representing a lightweight and durable platform.


MOOV will allow users to steer it with ease thanks to numerous integrated sensors that respond to your body’s natural sense of balance. It’s a known fact that hoverboard riders struggle to get to grips with how to ride a hoverboard, which is why this project allows beginners to safely master the board before operating at higher speeds.

Showing off customized ride dynamics alongside premium mechanics, every MOOV benefits from the UL hoverboard safety standards. Unfortunately we don’t have too many details about the concept right now, such as battery range or top speed, but we’re sure this beauty will take over the streets in the near future.



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