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Montegrappa Delivers Some Game of Thrones Magic

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Montegrappa Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones-themed collection of bespoke writing instruments – did you ever think about something like that? Well, the Italian luxury good company Montegrappa just did that, and it went further, imagining a luxurious line of writing instruments which shows off the grandeur of this incredible saga.

Four key families from Game of Thrones – Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Targaryen – are represented by a lovely fountain pen, rollerball, and a ballpoint pen in collection.

Individualized according to the particular members of each family, with sigils and emblems representative of the clan, the fountain pens will set you back $261,99, the roller pens $251,30. while the ballpoint pens are available for $224,57. This price seems to be more than OK, right?

Montegrappa Game of Thrones

The barrels and caps of these exquisite pens show off colorful lacquered surfaces, while the trims were fashioned of palladium, 18k gold or bronze – please note the “Game of Thrones” engravement on the cap ring. The nibs of the fountain pens are formed in stainless steel, with a tiny sword reminding everyone what the movies series is all about.

Montegrappa’s Game of Thrones pens come in a double box consisting of a rich, black outer carton, and they all bear each family’s symbol. The inner box is covered in a material that’s reminiscent of the historical period in which the action takes place, making the entire package even more appealing.

Montegrappa Game of Thrones

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