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Montblanc Remembers Miles Davis In A Jazzy Way

By Victor Baker


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Montblanc Miles Davis

Recognized as one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time, Miles Davis was an incredibly talented trumpeter, but aside from that, this visionary was also an innovator of improvisation, a musical maestro and a cultural icon.

All of these exceptional qualities have inspired Montblanc to design a collection of three writing instruments dedicated to the great Miles Davis, that’s going to be part of the brand’s Great Characters Limited Edition line.

The first of these three is called the Miles Davis Limited Edition 90, and it’s specially designed to resemble a trumpet, to honor the great musical genius and his 90th birthday.

Showing off valves on the clip and a cone shaped like the Heim mouthpieces that Davis totally loved, this exquisite pen features a barrel in white gold with a translucent blue resin underlay. The cap features white gold with splashes of blue and a rose-gold inlay of a trumpet, and can easily be considered more of a work of art than a pen.

Montblanc Miles Davis

Next, the Miles Davis Limited Edition 1926 features engravings of musical instruments on its platinum barrel, with the Montblanc emblem sitting elegantly at the top of the cap. As some of you might have guessed already, this piece will be limited to only 1926 units and it can be had both as a fountain pen and a roller ball.

There also a third, entry-level pen in the collection, showing off a sleek black-and-platinum design, reminiscent of Davis’ evolution and innovation in music. Pricing details regarding the Limited Edition 90 and Limited Edition 1926 are only available upon request, but we do know that the Special Edition is available as a fountain pen ($905) or a roller ball (780), as well as a ballpoint ($710).

Montblanc Miles Davis

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