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Montblanc Great Characters Limited Edition Leonardo

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Leonardo da Vinci continues to fascinate and amaze an entire world with his genius, even five centuries after he passed away. Montblanc’s latest Great Character edition, the Limited Edition Leonardo, pays tribute to this amazing artist and man of science, and it’s inspired from his great inventions and ideas.

The writing instrument comes with a cap and barrel crafted from anodized aluminum, with polished platinum plated fittings that reproduce Leonardo’s studies for wedge connections that joined together different materials in his constructions. The red, gold plated gear at the end of the clip reminds us of the cog wheels found in his drawings, while the cone shape of the pen was inspired from the double movement transmission designed by Da Vinci.

The nib is hand crafted from 750 gold and it’s rhodium plated, featuring a special engraving of Da Vinci’s drawing of a bat that he studied while drawing concepts of flying machines. As we’ve said earlier, the Montblanc Great Characters Leonardo will be produced in a limited run of just 3,000 units, priced at $3,225 for the rollerball and $3,615 for the fountain pen.


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