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Minnewoc Mansion is one of Wisconsin’s Most Exclusive Offerings

By Victor Baker


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Minnewoc Mansion

Designed to be a near replica of Anne Boleyn’s Hever Castle in England, the superb Minnewoc Mansion in Oconomowoc Lake has been listed for sale at a $10.5 million, which makes it the most expensive home in southeastern Wisconsin right now. But let’s just forget about that cool price tag for a minute, and focus on what you could actually get for that money.

Proudly sitting on a 7.2-acre property and offering over 800 feet of frontage on the Oconomowoc Lake, the mesmerizing 16,000-square-foot residence before you boasts six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, as well as a four-car garage, plus a small private island on the lake – but that’s merely the beginning of a very long and impressive list of features and amenities that will make anyone’s lives here a wonderful experience.

Minnewoc Mansion

Minnewoc Mansion was actually completed back in 1892 for Chicago brewer George Bullen, and in these last couple of years it was beautifully restored to its former glory, and brought into the 21st century with several modern-day amenities.

Nonetheless, its rough-hewn stone walls, dangling chandeliers in every room, and its medieval-style architecture and decor create an overwhelming sense of opulence and add historic value to this lavish property.

Minnewoc Mansion

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