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Project XG-848X Sounds Outrageous and Looks The Same

Project XG-848X

After starting its life as a 2015 Ducati 848 Streetfighter, this incredible project has forgotten its origins and rides straight towards the future. Looking absolutely incredible from front to back, Project XG-848X is one of those custom motorcycles that you will remember for years to come, a ravishing bike envisioned by the Australian-based tuners at Smoked Garage, which took nearly nine months to complete.

But what’s so special about this bike, apart from its drool-inducing exterior? Well, for starters, the tank and seat lift off the bike on hydraulic struts, which is definitely something unexpected, and if you take a closer look at this motorcycle you will also notice the indicators built right into the bar ends, and incredible attention to details everywhere else.

Project XG-848X

The tank and frame on the Project XG-848X have been completely built from scratch, although a touch of Ducati styling still remains on this bike. But you will also notice that the top triple clamps are slightly different, while the cool brake and clutch reservoir, and that trick Motogadget dash will make riding this beast a total pleasure.

The front shroud has been shaped around the dash and it’s basically a polished alloy sheet with carbon cut-in panels, that’s humped over a round headlight and a huge front fender. In the back, the exhaust has been beautifully built into the bodywork, completing this unique look that will surely turn a lot of heads of the streets. A working piece of art, on two wheels.

Project XG-848X


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