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Miami’s First Private Driving Circuit Will Open Soon

By Adrian Prisca


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The Concours Club has recently completed a 40-person founding membership group with one goal in mind: launching Miami’s First Private Driving Circuit. Nestled inside the Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport, this premiere automotive club is already scheduled to open in the first months of 2020.

The founding members of the Concours Club include handpicked driving enthusiasts and car collectors, among them being IndyCar Series legend Helio Castroneves, who’s also a Florida resident. For locals and visitors, Miami’s private driving circuit would be a chance to do what they love most – driving their cars to the limit.

With over 28,000 square feet of facilities, the Concours Club offers a very special circuit that features state-of-the-art systems like digital marshaling, electronic flag panels, and 22 timing loops for telemetry systems. The course was specially designed by the renowned race track designer Alan Wilson and comes with a 46-foot wide surface, in addition to the painted asphalt runoffs.

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In terms of safety, the Concours Club is equally remarkable. The circuit is complemented by 1,500 TecPro energy absorbing barriers and protective geobrugg catch fences, while the entire campus is secured by a three-mile long, 14-foot tall surrounding wall. ISS designed the private club’s security system, which is also monitored and staffed 24/7.

Miami’s first private driving circuit has already started accepting applications for 100 new memberships, with future members expected to pay a one-time $150,000 invitation fee and $35,000 in annual dues. But the membership at The Concours Club comes with many other perks, like getting help from a highly trained staff, skilled driving and safety instructors, on-site vehicle support and storage, and even an executive chef offering meals.

The Concours Club also offers high quality concierge services for its privileged members and visitors could fall in love with this place as well, as they can enjoy a wonderful view of the course from a luxurious member’s lounge.

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