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Meet BIKI, the World’s First Wireless Underwater Drone

By Victor Baker


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Robosea, an up and coming technology company from China that aims to help us discover the underwater world in a completely new way, has just unveiled BIKI, the world’s first wireless underwater drone. Looking just like a cool robofish, this bionic underwater drone packs an infrared positioning sensor, which helps it move underwater with ease. Actually, you could say it’s capable of swimming just like a fish as well.

This lovely little underwater toy can avoid any obstacles thanks to the company’s trademarked exclusive algorithm, while the self-stabilization technology will enable it to offer smooth videos and sharp photos – you will be able to take 4K videos and pictures, to be more exact, that will be shared via live transmission to personal mobile devices and social media. Furthermore, the built-in GPS module will have BIKI automatically return to base.


This amazing robofish will keep you excited for as long as 150 minutes on a single charge and it could dive as deep as 200 feet. What’s even better is that this wireless underwater drone brags about 4K UHD videos or 16-megapixel photography at 30 fps even when it’s traveling at high speeds and low light situations.

Regardless of environmental factors such as temperature or exposure to sunlight, Robosea’s innovative concept was designed to remain in perfect condition all the time. Featuring a durable open shell, this lightweight and super cool looking drone will surely be your new favorite toy this summer, especially if you love to dive and discover the underwater beauties.


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