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MCM Design Studio Island E Motion Yacht Concept

By Adrian Prisca


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Due to the current situation regarding pollution and greenhouse gases, many manufacturers have started to change the way they’re crafting vehicles and machinery. This fact doesn’t only apply to cars and trains, but also to planes and vessels. Thus, the Island E Motion floating megayacht has been designed, to serve luxury purposes in a very ecological way.

The project was realized by MCM Design Studio as an approach to the current environmental problems, as well as to serve squeamish customers worldwide. Its emissions reportedly contain 60% less carbon footprint than common yachts, getting it one step closer to nature friendliness.

The design of the yacht was drawn by a renowned Swiss pair, Dennis Muller and Milena Cvijanovich. Furthermore, the level of luxury and richness this cruiser boasts is simply staggering. The power of wind combines with sky and water to create an atmosphere that resembles land itself.

The fabrication was done through ecological means, modernism and sustainability – the setting of the main deck says it all: it looks stunningly similar to a West Indian island, decked with vegetation and its own private garden. The interior is as sparkling as the exterior, focused on bringing together as many luxury decorations and modernism as possible. The materials used to manufacture this exquisite piece of sailing machinery come from recyclable sources or have already been recycled.

It’s now fit to bring some technology to the front. The boat encompasses a gyro-stabilizer which makes sure that the vessel is controllable and comfortable during rough conditions. In fact, the movement of the wind or sea is imperceptible to those that lounge within its confines.

A total of 4 widespread decks make up the inhabitable part of the yacht – this also sports the VIP suites, 180 square meters each, disposed horizontally. The power of the ship comes mostly from thermal and solar panels, these two being both extremely efficient and emission free. But they can be improved through different upgrade processes.

If you feel the need to check out the yacht, get to the Sustainable luxury fair in Paris, due to start on the 29th of March, lasting until the 1st of April. It definitely is a great way to spend your hard earned fortune, providing both greenness and extreme luxury.


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