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Intro-Tech Automotive PitStop Furniture Line

By Adrian Prisca


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Some time ago, cars used to be just a means of transportation. Nowadays though, they have become an inspiration. Furniture or watchmakers worldwide are using them as themes for their products. And not only the aforementioned, but a whole industry is behind the looks of the car.

Intro-Tech Automotive have presented the way they were influenced by sports cars via a cool set of furniture made to satisfy the addiction of speeding enthusiasts. This line of furniture is named PitStop, encompassing great ergonomics and sporty characteristics.

Some of the parts that caught our eyes are the billet aluminum shift knobs, for height-control, as well as some brake caliper base right above the wheels. In addition, the manufacturers have installed springs on the tire-tread armrests and on the seat adjuster post. The most attractive piece from this set is by far the desk, with coilover shocks and springs, gussets as stands, spoilers, strut-braces for bars and more.

Whether the set will be available anytime soon, it’s up to the manufacturer. We’re wondering, on the other hand, who would like to acquire anything like these? One thing we know for sure – we definitely would!

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