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Marko Petrovic’s Mercedes 320 Tourbillion Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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The automotive world of the early ‘30s used to be filled with classic presences, with long front ends, slim tires, luxurious interiors and incredible prices. It used to be an honor to even own a car, let alone owning a Mercedes-Benz. The type 320 Mercedes Benz was launched in 1937, being the inspirational base for the Mercedes 320 tourbillion watch concept, the latest creation signed Marko Petrovic.

The watch brings back memories, its look being inspired from the dashboards and indicators of the old Mercedes. The attention to detail that had been taken and overall elegance that it inspires make this watch a true rarity among today’s timepiece-market. These characteristics haven’t disappeared yet in concerns of the Mercedes car industry, thus this watch has to reflect it.

The display is organized in such a way that perfectly describes the controls and hubs of the elder vehicles. The hours and minutes are shown as a speedometer, as miles or kilometers. The straps are made of high-quality leather, while a part of the mechanism is viewable through the protective glass.

We have yet to find out more about this project, for it looks absolutely amazing and would be very appreciated by classicism fans.


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