Mana Skull Unveils World’s First 18K Solid Gold iPhone 6

It’s been months since the release of the iPhone 6 and we’re still seeing amazing customized versions of Apple’s flagship smartphone device. The one we are showcasing here is the work of Mana Skull, a brand which describes itself as “the first and only” to offer solid 18-carat gold iPhone products.

Unlike most other brands, Mana Skull doesn’t just offer a gold-plated case, but has actually created a special solid gold case for the device, which makes it more durable, while also raising its profile quite a lot. This isn’t “just” a mobile phone with a bit of bling, but a glittering piece of jewelry with all the functions of a high-end handset. In addition to the gold, the device also boasts no fewer than 319 premium white diamonds, 2,009 premium black diamonds, and 2,595 yellow diamonds.

Mana Skull will release this fabulous iPhone 6 as a limited edition comprising just 50 units and has announced the launch date for sometime in April.