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Make a Statement with Riva’s new Luxury Speedboat: Rivermare

By Victor Baker


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I’m sure we all love speed, supercars, and the sense of exclusivity, but you could also enjoy heart-stirring thrills, and that wonderful feeling of uniqueness, on water, not just on land. If you want to hit the waves in style, you’ll need a high-powered luxury speedboat, and we have just the right thing for you today.

Riva Yacht’s beautiful new offering is called Rivermare, and it’s probably the ultimate accessory for wealthy people who want to make a powerful statement. A gorgeous 39-ft speedboat, this beauty has been imagined by Riva together with Officina Italiana Design, featuring a sporty silhouette, with classy and luxurious touches inside-out.


Rivermare will surely charm everyone with handcrafted mahogany paneling and a supercar-like windscreen, made from double-curved crystal class sections set in a stainless steel frame. An array of premium seating and sundecks will welcome both the owner and his or her lucky passengers, will the interiors of this speedboat even include a small kitchen, a shower, and a living area that will comfortably allow two people to rest for a new day.

Powering up the Rivermare is a pair of D6 400 DPH Volvo Penta engines, each of these engines developing 400 mhp, thus enabling the vessel to sail at a cruising speed of 31 knots and max out at 40 knots. There’s no price-tag to talk about yet, but if you like what you see, you could always ask the guys at Riva Yacht for a quote.


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