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Southern Argentina’s Natural Wonders Are Waiting For You At Estancia Cristina

By Victor Baker


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Estancia Cristina

Nestled inside Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, the wonderful Estancia Cristina offers guests the chance to experience Southern Argentina’s incredible natural sights in the best way possible, in complete luxury and comfort, with ravishing views and unique experiences on the table as well.

Less than a century ago almost everything you see in these photos has been covered with ice, and now the beauty of all these amazing surroundings is finally out in the open, ready to be admired by everyone. Estancia Cristina is the perfect starting point, surrounded by mountains, a lake, and also the Upsala glacier, that you could even explore closely after a four-hour walk.

Estancia Cristina

If Southern Argentina has been always a place you’ve wanted to visit,  then staying at this mesmerizing hideaway is imperative. Patagonian hospitality will surely impress anyone who arrives in this remote corner of the Earth, with Estancia Cristina offering 20 superb rooms within three rustically decorated lodges.

This small boutique hotel even has its own restaurant, where you’re more than welcomed to have a taste of the area’s unique regional cuisine, which is based on ingredients that are pretty difficult to obtain, meticulously prepared and presented in a drool inducing manner.

Complementing this incredible dining experience is a wide selection of fine wines, coming from all over Argentina, along with gourmet box lunches prepared to keep travelers company as they explore the surroundings. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Estancia Cristina

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