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IMAX Will Charge You $400k For Your Own Private Theater

IMAX Private Theater

Big-screen TVs, with all kinds of innovative technologies, have made it possible to move the cinema right into your living-room nowadays, but there’s something totally unique about going to the cinema that no technology can explain or deliver. It’s all about the experience there, going out, feeling that red-velvety chair and enjoying one of the newest movie productions with your friends or family.

IMAX know this oh so well, which explains why the popular brand is now trying to offer you the same experience, but in the form of a cool private theater, right at your home. The entry-level concept of this private theater has been dubbed as the Palais, and starts off at $400,000, which might be more than you’ve paid for your home.

But that kind of money will get people a screening room with up to 18 seats, dual 4k 2D/3D projectors, a proprietary IMAX sound system, and a sophisticated system that will literally play anything – even video-games. The screen size will fit the room accordingly, while the projectors will surely be top-notch quality.

IMAX Private Theater

The high-end version has been called the Platinum IMAX home theater, and this thing is going to set back potential buyers a cool $1 million, and will easily accommodate up to 40 people.

Furthermore, IMAX will also deliver a separate $10,000 box – called Home Premier – that will allow fans to enjoy Hollywood production as soon as they are released. China will be the launchpad for this service, where IMAX will install two private theaters in showrooms, while the US will receive three showrooms. Which version will you go for?

IMAX Private Theater


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