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Luxury villa by Luigi Rosselli in Sydney, Australia

Among the numerous luxury residences in Sydney, Australia, there is the Elamang Avenue mansion, designed by Luigi Rosselli. It’s a perfect synonym to comfort and chill-out. Given the fact that the Australian weather is totally inconstant, the building takes advantage of it through shapes and layout.

The exterior offers a modern, contemporary feel, and the beautifully carved upper floor catches every eye, while the courtyard is effectively bathing in sunlight. The exterior design, teeming with wood, goes on inside, where everything is perfectly finished, offering it a sleek look, with harmonious lines and luxurious furniture. The contrast between brown, dark brown and white enhances the “home sweet home” feeling.

The whole place is synonym to the unconventional, with walls made out of rammed earth, also helping to thermally insulate the house. Details like the green roof, external shutters, operable skylights, add to its deluxe style and the good taste, thing also proved by the AIA design award in 2011.

This building is to be considered a monument dedicated to architects worldwide, to prove that combining good taste with luxury and thermal efficiency is totally possible.



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