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Luxury Lakeside Florida Ranch up for the grabs

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Found close to the pristine white sands of Ponte Vedra Beach, adjacently to the growing Fleming Island community, 30 minutes south of Jacksonville, in one of US’ most preferred states, Florida, Anabelle Island is a stunning, tree-lined ranch private property, finished around 10 years ago.

This opulent estate is hidden deep within gorgeous forested lands, reachable via a graded sand and limestone drive of almost a mile. All in all, the main residence comprises five bedrooms, a custom built chef’s kitchen, spiral staircase that leads to a loft and five full bathrooms, while the centerpiece role has been assumed by a stunning Georgia stone fireplace.

The living room boasts with gorgeous panoramas, overlooking a superb 5.41 acre spring-fed lake teeming with catfish, bream, carp and bass. The veranda would be a great spot to enjoy the respective panoramas, either sitting on a chair or on a hammock. The property also features two natural artesian wells, one of them supplying the home while the other is being used for maintenance. Furthermore, the lines of the infinity pool are broken by a stone deck which spans towards the outdoor kitchen and spa.

Close to the magnificent 7,798 square feet residence we’ve found a garage that can easily accommodate three cars. There are also some cooled and heated storage spaces above the parking, which can also serve as media rooms or additional guest space. The superbly paved motor court ends with an additional four-car garage, while curious folk are able to distinguish an 18-acre pasture, used at baling hay, directly across from the home’s front.

The estate also includes a tractor and complete farm equipment. Something we have rarely seen is the homes we’ve featured in time, this exceptional estate encompasses hunting stands throughout its vastness, rich in turkey, deer and many more species.

Concierge Auctions real estate auction brand is reportedly going to deal with the sale of the property, in close collaboration with Beverly Brandenburger, Gayle Washnock and, coming from Manormor Sotheby’s International Realty, Newman Rossie.

[Concierge Auctions via Adelto]

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