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A Luxury Hotel for Pets in Singapore -The Wagington

By Brody Patterson


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There are plenty of luxury hotels around the world and many in Singapore, but there’s none quite like The Wagington. No, that’s not a typo and neither is the unusual name what makes this place so remarkable. What makes The Wagington special is the fact that it is the world’s first luxury hotel…for pets!

Set in a 1920s bungalow, the unusual establishment offers your four-legged friend 4,317 square-feet of comfortable spaces, including 27 air-conditioned rooms of various sizes. Of these, the Royal Suite is perhaps the most impressive: the 96-square-foot room can accommodate five or seven dogs (depending on their size) and even features a chandelier and a television.

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The dogs sleep on orthopedic beds like these featured on MyPetNeedsThat and blankets covered in faux leather imported from the United States, with the cost of one night in this suite being around $280.

One thing dogs really enjoy is exercise, so to this end the resort comes with a bone-shaped (of course) swimming pool. There are even some treatments available in the spa-like facility: like mud masks, aromatherapy, and facial and head massages.

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Cats are also welcome at The Wagington (though, we suspect, in a different part of the retreat) and they too get to enjoy its many excellent amenities, like turn-down service, housekeeping, and private balconies.

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