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The “Entry-Level” Koenigsegg Rage Concept

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Koenigsegg is a Swedish company known for its amazing hyper-cars, high-performance sports cars known for their sleek looks, as well as their record breaking feats. Rage is a concept car created by graphic designer Maher Thebian which seems to capture this ethos perfectly.

Envisioned as an “entry-level” Koenigsegg, Rage features an aggressive look a chrome mirror-like exterior finish, and a central exhaust system. Nothing has been revealed regarding the technical specifications as of yet, and it will certainly be interesting to see what exactly does “entry-level” mean for a company whose vehicles usually come with seven-figure price tags. Interestingly enough, Christian von Koenigsegg himself has stated they are developing such a model, but nothing substantial has been revealed as of yet.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for further developments and give you the details as soon as they come up.


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Brody has been working as a digital deputy editor for Luxatic for a very long time now, specializing in content related to health and fitness, adventure, travel and gear reviews.

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