The Luxury Gold iPhone 6 Swarowski Brilliance Elite Case by Goldgenie

It’s been a while since we’ve shown you a really expensive case for the iPhone 6. In case you were wondering if anything new has emerged recently, here’s a great-looking piece by Goldgenie, called the Luxury Gold iPhone 6 Swarowski Brilliance Elite.

While its name is indeed quite a mouthful, it sort of needs to be to describe just how extravagant the case is. The back and sides are either 24-carat yellow or rose gold, or platinum, with Swarowski crystals set around the bezel and back top and bottom. The piece is presented in a lavish Cherry Oak box and comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee.

As we’ve hinted above, there have been quite a few incredibly expensive iPhone 6 cases and customizations released in the past couple of months, created by companies like Gresso, Falcon, or Atelier. But Goldgenie’s eye-catching Luxury Gold iPhone 6 Swarowski Brilliance Elite case, priced at $5,200, is certainly good enough to compete with the best of them.