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The Luxurious, Yet Durable iPhone 6 Case by Gresso

By Brody Patterson


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Justified or not, the fact is that the new iPhone 6 has gained the reputation of being easily bent. While this is unfortunate for such an excellent device, there are some who have been working on a solution to this supposed problem. One of the more luxurious fixes is the case developed by well-known luxury brand Gresso.

The Gresso Case boasts a very sturdy front frame and 2mm back panel made from CNC machined aluminum, highly resistant to stress, compression, and (of course) bending. Thanks to its patented magnetic lock system, no assembly is required, which allows for an easy and convenient setup. According to test results, the amount of force needed to deform the reinforced device increases from 70 lbs to an impressive 300 lbs.

This is not, however, just a piece of armor. The case features a minimalist design Apple fans will definitely appreciate, which is elegantly adorned with engraved lines and the Gresso logo on the back panel.

The Gresso Case is available for purchase through the company’s official North American distributors, D&H and TechData, or at the brand’s official online store.

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