Luxury Amazon Cruises from Aqua Expedition

Tired of spending your beloved vacations on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? If you’re looking for something else, we’re your saviors. Why not trying an incredibly luxurious tour of the great Amazon River? Brought by Aqua Expeditions, a Peruvian exquisite tour operator, this trip allows you to luxuriously lounge above the murky waters of the Peruvian Amazon.

Being the first travel agency to bring five-star cruises on the Amazon River, Aqua Expeditions organizes 3, 4 or 7-day trips all year round, courtesy of the MV Aqua vessel. The boat is the only one in its class to roam the area as a luxury cruise ship, being equipped with 12 suites that share breathtaking views of the mysterious Amazon.

The services also include a personal concierge that caters to your needs in a most-luxurious way. Check Aqua Expedition for more info regarding an exquisite trip on the Amazon. Something different always comes in handy.