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Luxurious New Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

By Brody Patterson


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Inspired by the celebrated Parisian shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s tallest heel, the Ballerina Ultima, the French fashion brand has released Rouge Louboutin, an exquisite, vibrant nail polish.

The graceful bottle is clearly reminiscent of an item of Louboutin footwear, especially considering the designer’s signature feature is the shiny, red-lacquered sole he endows his shoes with. Moreover, the faceted glass makes for an intriguing ombré effect, while the tall, slender metallic cap which contains the brush works like a kind of calligraphic instrument, making the application an almost artistic experience. The brush itself, a patented custom design, ensures you always pick up the right amount of formula and delivering flawless coverage.

Christian Louboutin doesn’t usually venture into other areas of fashions than the footwear he does so well, but when he does, it’s definitely something memorable (and in this case, the similarities with the shoes add up to more than just coincidence, hinting at the source of inspiration).

The price for a bottle of Rouge Louboutin nail polish is $50.

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