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Louis Vuitton Voyage dans le temps jewelry collection

We’ve featured all sorts of luxury accessories crafted under the signature of Louis Vuitton, from timepieces to exquisite luggage and jewelry. This time we’re glad to present Louis Vuitton’s “Voyage dans la temps” collection.

As the name says, the collection features exquisite pieces of jewelry that display styles from long ago and most contemporary designs at the same time. Just watching this collection makes us feel like we’re taking a voyage back in time, in eras of queens and kings. Designed by Lorenz Bäumer, it features five different figurative journeys.

Inspired from Marc Jacobs’ catwalk designs, the Dentelle de Monogram features Victorian lace work in gold and diamond, with the brand’s iconic motif of flowers and stars.

An additional Dentelle de Monogram is a two in one piece, which can also be worn as a bracelet or hair slide. It comes with details from the trunk’s hardware, with fastening mechanisms in the shape of hasps, on the locks. The same model is even more versatile, as it can also be worn as two bracelets or a choker.

The “Voyage dans la temps” collection also includes the Flashforward cuff, which relies on the idea of pixels. The gorgeous red trim is crafted from gran feu enamel, placed upon the gorgeous checker board effects of diamonds on the background of the bracelet.

The Monogram Infini ring glitters through an infinitesimal pattern of gold ripples, atop a rich golden background. It can also make for a staggering engagement ring, for those rich enough to afford it.

Crafted from white gold and fitted with blue ceramic dust and diamonds, the Louis Vuitton “Voyage dans la temps” Galaxie Monogram bracelet is a true masterpiece. The color combination would definitely make the wearer look a lot more attractive.

There’s also a set of earrings integrated within this collection – the Fleur d’eÌ terniteÌ earrings. They boast with a central tourmaline, surrounded by a spiraling pattern of gorgeous diamonds. Lorenz Bäumer, the designer of these pieces, declared that “Vuitton likes to break the rules. This is not traditional jewelry and Vuitton is very brave to do it.” What a perfect point of view this is!



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