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Loriblu Jewel Sandals come in a Swarovski-studded box

The Italian-based shoe brand Loriblu is renowned all over the world for designing some of the most glamorous shoes for ladies with refined tastes looking for something truly bespoke to wear.  Loriblu has just unveiled a new creation, a pair of pink or black Jewel Sandals that will be encased in a Swarovski studded box.

The pink sandals are decked with a feminine air and adorned with Swarovski crystals all over, from heels to straps, the top of these shoes features a delicately embroidered fabric rose which enhances their feminine look.

The black sandals boast similar design and looks as the aforementioned ones, with Swarovski elements all over, from straps to heels, but this pair sports black suede straps embroidered with meticulous detailing, winding around an additional gold strapping.

Each of these pairs will come in limited edition, enclosed in elegant boxes with the logos on their front. The price for each pair is $2,600 (€2,000), a mirror of the elegance and exquisiteness they provide.



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