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Columbus Sport Hybrid Superyacht Ready for its Russian Owner

It’s not grudge, but jealousy we’re feeling right now for the future Russian owner of the beyond stunning Columbus Sport Hybrid 130 superyacht. What came out of the hands of the constructors is a 40 wonderful meter long superyacht, 2 meters longer than the original project. The most important fact about the vessel is that it won’t harm the environments in which it’ll find himself in any ways, its engines emissions having been reduced to null.

Its propulsion system has been crafted the hybrid way, accompanied by an extremely hydro- and aerodynamic body. It is also extremely light, making it quite nimble and easy to maneuver. Hydro Tec have undergone some extensive research in the field of nature-friendliness, and thus the extremely efficient of this ship came out.

At a cruise speed of 7.5 knots, the 2 electric generators can easily take control over the ride. The system is also appropriate for port areas and gliding turns. In addition, the weight that presses the diesel hybrid engines has been considerably lowered, thanks to the aluminum semi-displacement hull and its very intelligent design.

The 2 CAT C32ACERT motors themselves can each generate 1,417 kW each, reaching a top speed of 22 knots, while the cruise speed is set at a more docile 15 knots, allowing the superyacht to reach a mileage of 1,500 nautical miles.

We’ve only described just a part of the exquisiteness this yacht boasts, regarding the performance and hull. There’s another thing that simply left us with our mouths opened. The contemporary design and the jet black sleek hull are perfect things to look at while travelling by this yacht. In addition, few vessels offer so good maneuverability in rough waters.

Besides, a trip it’s not just to arrive somewhere, it’s about how you arrive and how you get there. Thus, the Columbus is equipped with huge windows that offer efficient thermal isolation and allow its guests to view breathtaking landscapes of seas and islands.

The accommodation can easily fit 9 guests plus the owner. The backmost can indulge in the owner’s suite, while guests can enjoy the 3 lavish double cabins. The materials used inside are top notch, placed in a light atmosphere with no obvious contrasts. Some exquisite substances, like grey durmast, sicomoro wood, Emperor Dark marble and Breccia Sarda marble are found all over, combined with leather and polished stainless steel finishing touches.

The value of this gorgeous cruiser has been kept quite private, thus we’ve only got to check its details. The photos we provide prove the above-stated.



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