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The beautiful Capella Ixtapa Resort and Spa in Mexico

We’ve recently stumbled upon one of the most amazing retreats from Mexico, the stunning Capella Ixtapa Resort and Spa, located deep in the town of Zihuatanejo. The name sounds quite mystic, offering as a glimpse into the past of this place. Traditional décors and state of the art amenities are the strong points of the resort .

The resort owners describe that an open-air reception is where tourists get to commune with this place for the first time, getting their first view of the experience they will undergo. In addition, the calm winds and warm breezes coming from the Pacific Ocean will surely soothe everyone, while the small journey towards their quarters will provide a few ideas of how this place came to life.

The layout and design of the resort bring traditional principles into mind, but corroborated with state of the art, contemporary touches. The owners state that “the texture of handmade clay and stone meets sleek marble and polished hardwoods. There are only 59 suites at Capella Ixtapa luxury Mexico hotel, each facing the ocean as the resort cascades down towards the Pacific. Terraces open up to the beauty of the Pacific: where powder-white sand is caressed by the crashing waves.”

The afore-posted description needs no additional words. The decision to book a few days here belongs to you, although we’ve provided you with relevant info on why to come. History and modern mixed together – one idea we’ll always enjoy.



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