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Live Like Royalty at the Fascinating Château de Mercuès

By Victor Baker


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Château de Mercuès

Hidden in the picturesque French countryside, Château de Mercuès is an incredible sight, a superb castle that was completed way back in the 13th century. Its original purpose was to protect the nearby town of Cahors and the Lot Valley, but modern times have seen this magical place converted into a one of a kind hotel, allowing guests and travelers of all origins to experience the joy of living in a private castle.

Obviously, a few modern amenities had to be included as well, to make sure you still remember we’re living in the 21st century, but few know that this castle has been burnt to the ground during the Hundred Years War and the Wars of Religion. It’s been through a lot, and now it has risen from its own ashes, so to speak.

Château de Mercuès

Château de Mercuès offers just 24 gorgeous rooms and 6 extraordinary suites, each of them showing off a fashionable French style and amazing amenities. These unique accommodations will surely impress, although two, in particular, are very famous: the “Bishop-Room”,  with  its sun-dial in the floor and a bed of gold, and “The Tower”, which is self explanatory.

Since this castle can be found in the Occitanie region of Southern France, wine easily comes to mind, and winegrower Georges Vigouroux has added his own touch to the place. As such, wining and dining are a top priority here, and the castle’s impressive wine cellar will easily prove this statement. Who wants to be the king of the castle?

Château de Mercuès

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