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Live Like an Ambassador in Prague’s Rooseveltova Villa

Rooseveltova Villa

Proudly sitting in the center of a diplomatic district of Prague 6, Bubenec, the extraordinary Rooseveltova villa seems to be perfect for ambassadors, but it could be very well your future home in this beautiful town, for a price that’s going to be available only on request.

Spreading over 10,053 sq. ft. or 934 square-meter across three levels, this gorgeous villa was completed back in 1924, and although it went through a complete redevelopment in 2010, it still maintained its original charm and beauty. The residence comes with 7 bedrooms, 8 full baths and a spectacular day spa, while a well kept garden and a spacious terrace complements this place in the best of ways.

This stunning property is also surrounded by several nearby parks and nature reserves, suitable for walks and leisure time activities, although I doubt the next owners will be leaving this home very often. Why would they?

Rooseveltova Villa

A modern glass lift will get you wherever you may want to go, to either one of the 15 rooms, furnished with high-quality Italian and Spanish furniture. Speaking of wonderful details, this villa also shows off ornamental parquet, embellished ceilings with decorative stucco, a wonderful fireplace and a bookcase – and that’s only on the main floor.

The fully furnished kitchen is totally prepared to handle any social event or gathering, while the day spa with a swimming pool, whirlpool bath, sauna, steam bath, gym and fitness room will most likely overwhelm anyone alive. There’s also a spacious garage where you could park your favorite rides, but first, you will have to contact the seller in order to find out more about the asking price.

Rooseveltova Villa



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