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Linn’s Limited Edition Sondek LP12s turntables

By Adrian Prisca


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In case your idea of having fun is listening to a couple of vinyl records while drinking a glass of fine whisky with your friends, then Linn and Highland Park have come up with the perfect thing for you. To celebrate Linn’s 40th anniversary, the audio equipment firm from Scotland has launched a limited edition of the Sondek LP12s, their highest performance turntable.

The limited edition turntables will be produced in just 40 units, each of them encased in whisky wood plinth from solid oak casks used to mature Highland Park’s amazing whisky. The ‘Whisky Cask’ Sondek turntables will be paired with a specially bottled 40 year old whisky from Highland Park, designed exclusively for Linn, so you could raise a glass of whisky and toast to 4 decades of Linn.

Highland Park is one of the most remote Scotch whisky distilleries in the world and their whisky is truly one of a kind, with hand turned malt, aromatic peat, cool maturation and those sherry oak casks giving it a multi dimensional taste that everyone will enjoy. This whisky, and music on one of these turntables, seems like a mix made in heaven.


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