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Top 10 richest animals in the world

By Martha Young


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Some people love their pets so much, that they make them richer than most of the world’s people. With no human concerns or charitable urges, those animals spend their life in comfortable luxury, having servants and eating all the goodies they desire.

Here is the top 10 world’s richest animals list.

10. Tinker


With an estate of £586.000 and no children, Margaret Layne met Tinker when the last one was eight years old. When she passed away, Margaret said, in her will, that the cat will get £100.000 and a property in London.

Tinker lives in that house now with two other cats and his neighbors, Ann and Eugene Wheatley, taking care of it and its fortune.

9. Trouble


Leona Hemsley left to her dog, Trouble, a fortune of $12 million. Yet, her grandchildren disagreed with her will and contested her decision in court, saying that the socialite had problems with her mental health.

The judge, then, decided that Trouble will get only $2 million and her grandchildren the rest of the money. Until the last year, when the Maltese dog died, it had a permanent guard, since there’ve been a lot of kidnapping threats.

8. Frankie, Ani and Pepe


When their owner died, he wanted to be sure that Frankie, Ani and Pepe – a dog and two cats – will have everything they’ll need. So, he decided to leave his money to a neighbor, Lenise Patrick, to assure that he will take care of his beloved friends.

Now, Frank, Ani and Pepe stay in a house that is worth £10million, while their carrier continues to be their neighbor, who lives just next door.

7. Pontiac


Pontiac is famous for two things: he is the beloved pet of Betty White, the actress from Hot in Cleveland, and has a $5 million trust fund, being one of the world’s richest pets.

Betty White said about Pontiac that “It’s just the two of us for Christmas, because I’m alone, and so we just have a cozy day all day. We look forward to that all year.” This is why she wants to be sure that her Golden Retriever and other pets will be set for life if something will happen to her.

6. Gigoo


Miles and Briony Blackwell decided to leave their fortune to their hen, since they consider them as their children. So, when Briony died, on 2000, Miles changed his will and decided to pass to his beloved hen no less than $10 million.

5. Tommaso


When it was 4 years old, Tomasso was a stray cat, on the streets of Rome. Then, he met Maria Assunta, an Italian widow, who decided, before she died, to leave all the fortune, $13 million, to her cat.

Her lawyers had to look for an animal welfare group to take care of Tomasso and her properties from all over Italy.

4. Blackie


Who said that black cats bring bad luck, didn’t know that the richest cat of the world has this color. Blackie has a fortune of $25 million, after its owner, Ben Rea, died and left it all to her.

3. Kalu


The story of Kalu is impressive. Being tied to a tree in Zaire, he was rescued by Patricia O’Neill, daughter of the Countess of Kenmore. Now, he lives in South Africa, on a private estate, and is entitled on his master’s will to receive $90 million, as a revenge of Patricia against her husband. Kalu also owns a farm in Australia.

2. Toby Rimes

toby rimes

Living in New York City, Toby Rimes is a dog who inherited a fortune of $92 million, from his elders.

On 1931, Ella Wendel decided to leave her puddle a fortune of $30 million. The descendent line of dogs has been named Toby Rimes, the last one being known for his charity acts.

1. Gunther IV

gunther iv

The richest pet in the world is named Gunther IV. His father, Gunther III, inherited $372 million, when his owner, the German Countess Karlotta Lieberstein, died.

Gunther IV owns a villa in Bahamas and a mansion in Miami, where Madonna used to live. His dinners consist in caviar, white truffles and steak. That’s fine living, right?

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