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Limited Edition Titanium iPhone cases from Brikk

A world renowned luxury memorabilia producer, called Brikk, has recently announced the release of a series of high-end titanium IPhone casings, known as “Trim”. Totally different from other similar products, this project also participates in hunger elimination, along with NGO, donating a metric ton of rice.

This is to be considered a nice surprise, even though Brikk is already widely known as a brand dedicated to philanthropy, plus, the cases come in a superior range of prices. Being pointed towards the high-class society and with options of platinum, gray-stealth, gold and black diamond carbon fiber finishing and make, the cases consist of 98% pure titanium.

This has been accomplished with the help of a dozen types of machines, to ensure the great quality shape and polish. The company ensured that they will fit the design of the upcoming IPhone 5. The prices will vary between $3000 and $4500 grand, through a pre-order process, whilst a part of each case price is directed towards buying a metric ton of rice, offering a meal to the already starving families throughout poor countries, especially on the african continent.


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