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Let’s Make It Clear: The Rimowa x Moncler ‘Reflection’ Suitcase

By Victor Baker


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I think it’s pretty obvious now: we were not meant to stay in the same place for too long and this year has been really challenging for most of us, as we’ve had to cancel all our travel plans and stay home. People get easily bored and daydream about a new destination, a new adventure, and fresh experiences and since we miss traveling so much, let’s talk a little bit about luggage.

There are ways of standing out of a crowd, yes – even with the aid of carefully chosen luggage. Mirrored trunks and suitcases seem to get everyone’s attention these days and even though we have no travel plans in sight, this seems like a good way of taking in some positive vibes. 

Rimowa and Moncler teams joined forces earlier this year to create a smashing suitcase, set up to get anyone mesmerized and waiting for the day when flight tickets and room service become a possibility once again. This stunning limited-edition mirrored aluminum suitcase, the Rimowa x Moncler Reflection, has been appropriately dubbed considering its glistening exterior.

Rimowa Moncler Reflection 2

Ultra-polished and accompanied by silver packing cubes made out of Moncler’s signature padded fabric that are equally hypnotic-looking, this cool suitcase will easily grab anyone’s attention.

Moreover, it comes with padded Moncler fabric lining, a dark grey luggage tag establishing who the lucky owner is, and a luggage belt with a Fidlock buckle to make sure this beauty will not make it onto the ‘lost’ list.

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Regardless of your destination, this unique suitcase was specially designed to make sure no confusion makes its way into your lives.

As a welcomed, and possibly cool touch, an LED screen on the front makes sure that everyone knows whose luggage this is, thanks to personalized messages from the dedicated Moncler X Rimowa “Reflection” App. I just hope people from the airport will treat it gently.

Pricing details seem irrelevant at this point, as new experiences and wonderful memories are always worth the time and money. This luggage? It’s safe to assume it’s worth every single penny as well.

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