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Leica’s new M 246 Monochrom Helps You Leave “Your Mark” with Mirrorless Cameras

LEICA M 246 Monochrom Your Mark 1

Leica seems to be on a roll lately, especially when it comes to premium mirrorless cameras. The renowned German camera maker has unveiled a series of highly successful mirrorless offerings in these last couple of years and the new M 246 Monochrom is just the latest addition to an already impressive lineup.

It might not contain all the cutting edge tech featured in cameras like the Q2, but its a fashionable, limited-edition beauty that will surely catch the eyes of many Leica fans. Dubbed as the M 246 Monochrom “Your Mark”, this mirrorless camera doesn’t come with the modern painted exterior, but instead it features a soft, naturally tanned leather on its body and even on the strap of the camera.

LEICA M 246 Monochrom Your Mark 2

The new Monochrom is actually a limited series from Leica’s San Francisco-based retailer, who joined forces with Horween, an American company specialized in refining products with leather, to get this exquisite look. The soft leather detailing is complemented by a nostalgic black lacquer paint on the rest of the body.

Leica’s M 246 Monochrom “Your Mark” also comes with the excellent 35mm f2.0 Summicron-M ASPH II lens and the price rises to a cool $13,950. The camera will be produced in a limited run of just 80 units and it will be available exclusively at the company’s retailer in San Francisco.

LEICA M 246 Monochrom Your Mark 3


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