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Leica X2 Yokohama Edition

By Brian Pho


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Boasting with deep tradition in the making of high-end, highly expensive cameras, Leica are the authors of the X2 Edition Paul Smith, the Special Edition D-Lux 5 Titanium and the gorgeous Lemon Yellow X2 ‘à la carte’ digital cameras. These are just three of Leica’s proofs of what the specialists behind this fantastic brand are able to put together.

They’ve now opened a store in the SOGO department store in Yokohama, Japan, and on this occasion they’ve announced the release of a limited edition camera – the Leica X2 Yokohama Edition.

The gadget will be officially launched during July, as a limited edition of just 30 units. With a price tag of $46,243, the Leica X2 Yokohama Edition is based, as its name proudly suggests, on the X2 model. What makes it special is the body garnish with lizard style leather. Leica describes: “A shoulder strap and camera protector made with the same leather material will come with the camera.”

There are several additional features like an APS-C sized newly developed CMOS sensor with 16.2 MP and the famous high-spec lens Leica ELMARIT-M f2.8/24mm ASPH. The noise it produces is fantastically low, in conjunction with a very precise color reproducibility and wide dynamic range. You may already place your order at the Yokohama-based store.


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