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Le-A Coffee Table Might Get Star Wars Fans Excited

By Victor Baker


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Le-A Coffee Table

Hopefully, that is true. The iconic and somewhat sensual braided-hairstyle of Star Wars icon Princess Leia has apparently inspired the gorgeous Le-a coffee table before you, a futuristic project imagined by Zaha Hadid Design and Leblon Delienne, a French company specialized in creating sculptures, figurines and furniture that look like real works of art.

No one can ignore the dramatic lines and smooth curves that have defined Zaha Hadid’s distinctive aesthetic vision, which form a dynamic silhouette that some people may not even recognize as a coffee table. Is that a bad thing? I wonder.

Le-A Coffee Table

Even though this superb coffee table is all-black, you shouldn’t start thinking about the Dark Side, as Zaha Hadid and Leblon Delienne will gladly offer you the Le-a table in white as well – pearl white or brass finishes are also up for the grabs. The stunning object makes a direct aesthetic reference to Princess Leia’s signature side buns, although most of us can still remember that wonderful outfit. Moving on.

Elegant and minimalist, this glossy coffee table is reminiscent of pop-culture as well, and would easily suit any modern-day luxury home or office, or a Star Wars fan’s private collection. Either way, someone is going to be smiling tonight.

Le-A Coffee Table

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