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Lay Your Head At The Overwhelming Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

The majestic Belmond Grand Hotel Europe is located in the charming historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia, waiting on you to Waltz into a lavish ballroom and enjoy that Strauss or.. it’s probably going to Tchaikovsky here.

But, no matter what you’re planning to listen to here, this astonishing hotel sitting at the heart of the cultural capital of eastern Europe, welcomes visitors with the class and elegance of 19th century Tsarist Russia, not to mention modern comfort and amenities.

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

Travelers may choose one of 265 sumptuously appointed rooms and suites, from terrace rooms overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg, to meticulously restored historical rooms, with genuine antiques. But it’s not all about sleeping arrangements, as this place will also amaze you with Italian, French or classic Russian cuisine.

But the city also awaits for you and you should totally check out the Bolshoi Ballet, the Kirov Opera, or any of the multitude of world-famous theaters. The Belmond Grand Hotel will still be there, at the end of the day, welcoming you back with a nightcap and caviar. I couldn’t ask for more.

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe


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