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Lauge Jensen Creates World’s Most Expensive Bike

By Brody Patterson


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While Denmark is not exactly world-famous for its luxurious supercars or bikes, Danish manufacturers have started making quite a name for themselves in recent years with high-quality, exclusive models, as we’ve shown you before.

This time we’re showcasing another excellent manufacturer from the Nordic country: custom motorcycle creator Lauge Jensen. The Hamburg Motorcycle Days expo (which took place last weekend) was the setting chosen by the company to unveil what is probably the most expensive bike ever created: an $880,000, gold plated, diamond encrusted chopper.

Lauge Jensen is known for its commitment to making the finest custom bikes available. Each model is uniquely designed, closely following the future owner’s instructions, and is built entirely by hand with the utmost attention to detail. This amazing Gold Bike is certainly the manufacture’s crowning achievement so far. In addition to the eye-catching gold body, it features a crocodile leather seat to complete its extravagant look.

But Lauge Jensen has created something that is more than just bling – this motorbike comes with a 1807cc twin cylinder engine produces 90hp at 3200rpm.

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