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Lalique Illusion Captive Will Take You High Above Everyone Else

Lalique Illusion Captive

French glass designer René Jules Lalique was well known for his unique creations of glass art, perfume bottles, vases, chandeliers, jewelry or clocks, and his legacy lives on forever through the brand he founded. Lalique’s newest creation, Illusion Captive, is a ravishing fragrance that seems to blend the best and most exquisite things out of all the fields Rene covered, while putting out a luxurious vibe.

Lalique basically revolutionized the art of glass and invented modern jewelry, and none can ignore his iconic 1898 Art Nouveau creation called the “Libellule brooch”.

Inspired by that very beautiful piece, the Lalique Illusion Captive displays a beautiful Noir Premier flacon, adorned with an opulent mosaic motif. The dragonfly woman and the delicate veins of her wings have been engraved on the back of the transparent glass bottle, with the golden hue of the fragrance acting as the perfect background.

Lalique Illusion Captive

Judging by its looks, Lalique Illusion Captive seems to be a fragrance surrounded by mystery, although we know that an ambery chypre scent, with a sheer floral heart hides within, enhanced by fresh Italian bergamot notes. The powerful fruit and flower accords are set in a Virginian cedarwood and Indonesian patchouli base to make sure no one can resist this unique scent.

I, for one, was expecting something even more outrageous from a fragrance called Illusion Captive, but nonetheless Lalique has managed to surprise us all once again. This high-end will be available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum and even though no official pricing has been announced yet, we’ve seen it listed for sale at 270 EUR or around $317.

Lalique Illusion Captive


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