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Ladies Will Love The Magical De Beers Talisman Collection

De Beers Talisman Collection

Inspired by ancient legends, the new De Beers Talisman collection aims to remind us all of the timeless mystique and purity of diamonds. These precious creations would be a dream come true for any lady, touching the essence of our souls and taking us back to our roots, in a time where jewels acted as talismans, bringing good luck and fortune.

Every piece from this magical collection is entirely unique, with a rough diamond at its base, complemented by radiant, natural colors and textures. The talented jewelers from De Beers imagined several incredible rings, pendants and bands that beautifully transform into objects with magical properties, which bring good luck or protect the possessor from harm.

De Beers Talisman Collection

Diamonds seem to be the most precious gift of nature, and some of you might be aware of the fact that De Beers pioneered the introduction of rough diamonds into modern jewelry. The brand’s signature Talisman Collection combines beautiful rough and polished diamonds in the best way possible, to offer a dual connection with nature and fine craftsmanship.

Part of this extraordinary collection are the De Beers Talisman Medal, the Talisman White Gold Band or the De Beers Yellow Gold Talisman Ring, made out of 18kt yellow gold. The latter, a refined wrap-around ring, is only surpassed in beauty by the Talisman Essence Ring, which features a pristinely polished diamond, matched by a lustrous rough diamond, representing the unique journey of a diamond.

Which piece is your favorite?

De Beers Talisman Collection


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