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La Galerie is a new charming Louis Vuitton Museum

By Victor Baker


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La Galerie

Louis Vuitton has decided to celebrate its amazing heritage by opening its second private museum, located in the northwestern part of Paris and dubbed La Galerie. Not even a year after the luxury fashion house has opened its first museum, in a stunning building designed by Frank Gehry, this new museum has a more intimate feel, with a creative and timeless space which resembles the Vuitton style.

This 6,500-square-foot exhibition space is located on the historic Louis Vuitton grounds, in the lovely suburb of Asnières-sur-Seine, being spread over two floors and including about 400 objects and documents from the massive archive of the renowned French fashion house which includes 26,000 objects and over 165,000 documents.

La Galerie

La Galerie will make you feel the beating heart of the Louis Vuitton ateliers which continue to make the most sophisticated and elegant leather goods and trunks to this day. That’s why this private museum has a wide range on display, from couturier Paul Poiret’s trunk to items from the personal collection of the Vuitton family.

These include a pair of 17th-century Venetian women’s platform shoes. Guests could also take a look at timeless pieces like the Keepall bag that was unveiled back in 1930, and they could even enjoy new pieces from last year’s collection. There are certainly a lot of interesting pieces to see and if you ever get to Asnières, Paris, you totally have to visit La Galerie.

La Galerie

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