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Kodak Teases Photographers With The Ektra Smartphone

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Ektra Smartphone

Most of you are probably aware by now of¬†Google’s Pixel smartphone, which is an¬†incredible piece of technology, but we’re sure no one was expecting to see¬†Kodak¬†showing¬†up and revealing its own device,¬†which was obviously designed for photographers. The Kodak Ektra¬†has just made its public debut and it will cost you only ¬£449 ($550).

Hopefully, the Ektra smartphone – inspired¬†by the company’s¬†1941 rangefinder – will remind everyone what Kodak is all about and¬†attract a lot of photo enthusiasts.¬†Wrapped in a dark, artificial ‚Äúleatherette,‚ÄĚ with a curved grip on one side, this surprising smartphone¬†features¬†a large, protruding lens at the back¬†backed up by¬†a 21MP Sony sensor.

There’s even a ‚Äúshutter‚ÄĚ button with the Kodak ‚ÄúK‚ÄĚ engraved on it, and in terms of specs, this smartphone could compete with the best out there.

Ektra Smartphone

On the inside, you might be interested to know that Kodak went for Android 6.0, while a Helio X20 2.3GHz deca-core processor works alongside 3GB RAM to deliver performance. Speaking of which, the 32GB of memory might be a tad to little for those of you who are really passionate about taking photos, but it can be easily expanded using microSD cards.

The 21MP fast focus camera, with dual LED flash, delivers professional results, while an¬†advanced manual mode – which includes exposure, ISO, focal length (manual/auto), white balance, shutter speed and aperture – just what a professional was expecting. Is it anything you’ve been dreaming of?

Ektra Smartphone

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