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KEDO high-end H1 carbon fiber speaker

By Adrian Prisca


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The race for building the perfect sound system is closer and closer to the finish, now sound technicians being able to play almost reality-like sounds with the help of state-of-the-art technology and high-tech equipment. Featuring an omni-directional design and built out of high-grade copper and silver components with carbon fiber, the Kedo H1 speakers are simply kings of sound.

They include spherical stands that allow sound waves to be produced and emitted in an almost ideal way. A huge advantage of these speakers is that besides the crystal-clear sound they produce, they are designed in an interesting way; we can call them really eye-catching.

Adding to the sound performance, there’s the acoustic lens placed between them, adding even more clarity to the sound. The internal components of the speakers are up-to-date, the producers have used the best in commerce at the moment. Furthermore, the coils are festooned with air-cores that work as anti-saturation systems, eliminating any distortions.

There are also poly propylene capacitors that are mounted and decoupled with a 4-mii thick cabinet. Plus, the wiring comprises only silver and copper, for the best quality there is. The frequency response is between 24 Hz and 33 kHz, plus the power usage is quite low, around 200W RMS.

The diffuser is signed Manger MSW, also featuring a tweeter and a woofer with a 10-inch carbon fiber film. The carbon fiber glossy surface makes it ideal for elegant homes and attracts all kinds of tastes, from vintage fans to futuristic-mentality rich people. The price is $22,000 per set.


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