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Kamado Joe’s Pro Joe Ceramic Grill

By Adrian Prisca


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Kamado Joe has just released its brand new luxury grill on the market, the “Pro Joe” which is probably the most advanced ceramic grill in the world right now. This new grill carries the largest cooking area of any ceramic grill with advanced technology for probably the highest heat recention.

Pro Joe features a three layer design with an inner ceramic core that averages 2″ in thickness, wrapped in a ceramic fiber insulation blanket and then encapsulated in a stainless steel outer shell for superior heat retention. This design completely seals off the airflow for accelerated cooling at reduced fuel costs.

The grill also features a more precise temperature control system, a proprietary air stealing system and a perfectly counterbalanced hinge system to position the grill. The cooking area of this grill includes an upper grate with an area of 471 sq in and a lower grate with a cooking area of 434 sq in.

Kamado Joe’s Pro Joe Ceramic Grill recently won the Vesta Award at the HPB Expo 2011 for its design and technology and it’s priced at $7,995.


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3 thoughts on “Kamado Joe’s Pro Joe Ceramic Grill”

  1. The most advanced ceramic type grill is the Komodo Kamado. It has a refractory hot face and two layers of actual insulation, the outside jacket a NASA spinoff using nano ceramic spheres.

    Above they say that the Komodo Joe carries the largest cooking area of any ceramic grill..

    NOT.. Pro Joe Main grate 471 sq” plus lower grate 434 sq” total 905 sq”

    Largest 23″ Kamado Komodo OTB – Main 375 sq” + Lower 329 sq” + Upper Sear 274 sq” total 978 sq”

  2. Those dimensions are for the 23″ komodo kamado. Now there is a 32″ komodo kamado, with over 1800 sq. in. of cooking surface, still at a lower price than the pro joe.

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