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Kahn Design’s Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup Is Out Of This World

By Victor Baker


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Flying Huntsman

Britain’s Kahn Design have worked their magic on other Land Rover Defender vehicles before, but none of their projects can compare to this outrageous beast. This new six-wheeled monster is the latest addition to the company’s growing family of Flying Huntsman projects. Although it’s still labeled as a concept, the company has already confirmed it for production and we feel some pre-orders will quickly arrive.

Called the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 Double Cab Pickup, this is actually a revised version of the six-wheeled Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 truck with a tray instead of the third row of sears. With a starting price of £99,875 or $152,100, we can’t say this monstrosity is cheap, but we’re sure it’s worth every single penny!

Flying Huntsman

According to Kahn, a six-speed manual gearbox was mated to a 2.2-liter diesel engine – although you may opt out for a V8 powerplant as well. Also worth mentioning is that the choice of four- and six-speed automatic transmissions is also on the table, as are both left- and right-hand-drive configurations. With the previous version boasting a 6.2-liter LS3 V8, good for about 500 hp, this pick-up should be fun to drive.

As per usual, Kahn will deliver its vehicle with a plaque naming all the people involved in the build, with a fully-customized interior included. Please note that only 20 examples per year will hit the roads, and it’s pretty obvious they’ll sell like donuts in a Police Station.

Flying Huntsman

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